Heidi Bjørgan

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Currency is a touring exhibition curated by THINK TANK. The show features work by Pia Aleborg, anonymous, Heidi Bjørgan, Lin Cheung, Rudolf Huber-Wilkoff, Otto Kuenzli, Mette Saabye, Karl Scheid, Caroline Slotte, Hans Stofer and one item found at V&A Museum Shop.

For her work, Heidi Bjørgan used a plastic lampshade she found in a skip. She made a cast of it, which she used as the basis for a porcelain vase. "It was a little bit like charity work, I felt I was giving forms a second chance," she has said about this process. From being judged obsolete and cast aside, the round lampshade is now part of her repertoire of shapes. Another found object has also been added: a bird ornament bought at a Salvation Army charity shop. By covering both the shape and the bird in the same pink glaze (the secret behind the spotted surface is icing sugar), she transforms the two separate parts into a whole. While the form once served as protection for a light bulb, it now provides shelter and protection for the bird with which it is bound together – a beautiful visualisation of the human impulse to protect vulnerable things. This impulse is precisely mirrored in the artist's borrowing of the form of a worthless object and caringly transforming it into valuable craft.

Currency Symposium: Gmunden, Austria, 16.09 - 19.09.2010
Currency exhibition: Kammerhof Museen Gmunden, Gmunden. Austria, 16.09. – 03.10.2010
Currency exhibition: Galleri Officinet, Kopenhagen, Denmark, 14.01 – 12.02.2011
Currency exhibition: Internationale Handwerksmesse München, Germany, 16 – 22.03.2011
Currency exhibition: Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway, 07.04 – 08.05.2011

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