Heidi Bjørgan

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Love Of The Real

Punkt Ø, Galleri F15, Moss, Norway | 26. november 2016 - 18. januar 2017

Love of the Real is about the poetry of human fragility and courage, and about every day as a new opportunity for trying again. The exhibition presents works by nine Norwegian and international artists.

The exhibited artworks approach a range of different expressions of our behavior in everyday life. Questions raised are about how we relate to “truths” about perfection, and how such “truths” influence our views of each other and ourselves. Intelligently, sensitively and warmly, the individual art works communicate alternatives to “the perfect”, and open up spaces for psychological and existential reflection.

Concepts of value and reality play a central role, but also the concept of feelings ‒ problematic though the word may be in today’s art world. In Love of the Real, feelings are essential. The works are not ironic, and an underlying humor and warmth are present in several of the artworks.
Curator. Maria C. Havstam

Heidi Bjørgan investigates the value of difference and imperfection in her installation of two hundred ceramic objects. Strongly inspired by the experimental American ceramicist George Ohr (1857–1918), she focuses on the courage to be present in one’s own.


Heidi Bjørgan (NO)
Andrea Büttners (DE)
Martin Creed (GB)
Ceal Floye (GB)
Brian Frændes (GB)
Mette Hellenes (NO)
Sofia Hultén (SE)
Iiu Susirajas (FI)
Anne Trægde (NO)